At first, let me verify you are in the right place. There are two possible reasons why you came here. Either you want to get to know me better or you are upset because you cannot see my photos on the social media platform of your choice anymore. In both cases, I am glad to have you here, you are welcome!

If you are here to check me out, feel free to e.g. continue to my portfolio, my blog, my about me section or my home page. Otherwise, you may read on.

My approach on social media

I am a very helpful kind of person and enjoy to pass my knowledge through to people, who like to get into photography or any other field I have some expertise in. Some years ago, I used to be as arrogant to assume everybody would appreciate my help and I really got into detail during criticizing, e.g. their photos. Always with the intention to help.

Today I am a bit wiser and know how bad it can feel, if someone totally destroys the work you are personally related to. For this reason, I usually stick to give my opinion, if someone asked me to do so. I basically ask you to be acting in the same nice and positive way while commenting on my accounts.

Social media is a way of presenting my images to the world. If my homepage is my house, social media is my yard. I really appreciate good critiques as every one of them is a chance to grow. But I decide wheather you are the one to criticize me. People being allowed to give me a hard time, are those who have already been invited to my house. They have earned my trust in advance. I do not trust anyone yelling at me from outside my house.

I want my house and my yard to be a good place for everyone. Each person should feel comfortable to ask questions without being criticized for what they are or how stupid a question might feel for you. This is how I approach social media and why I block everyone, who is yelling at me or my friends from outside the house. I make strict use of my domestic authority without any warning in advance. No strikes, just blocking. I do not withdraw.

A handful of people will not like this approach, but this is my very clear way to handle social media. I hope at least some folks appreciate it. If you are are one of those, I would be happy as hell if you would help me to spread the word and tell others that you enjoy my photography. Thank you!